What is Wall Street Heat?

Wall Street Heat is a marketplace and authentication service for shoes and watches with a focus on the custom sneakers, providing a place for artists and designers to showcase and sell their works! We were founded after having blatant issues with the other shoe marketplaces out there. The increasing number of fakes being “authenticated” and the lack of transparency with data leaks and hacks made us jump ship, and seek an alternative. Ultimately we decided to found our own marketplace, with something unique to offer. Each of us at Wall Street Heat are sneaker-heads first and foremost. We love shoes, the meanings they can have and the statements they create. Custom shoes further provide an outlet for expression. With these things in mind we were founded on three basic principles: (1) Transparency (2) Trust (3) Uniqueness. We never want to become the large guy that is more focused on profits over being straightforward and honest with our users. The relationship between us and our users is all about trust, we have to build trust by demonstrating ethical practices, and being truthful during mistakes. A top down approach will directly transfer over to you trusting us in our authentication.

How does it work?

A limited selection of people are verified to list their items for sale on our platform. Then the buyers browse our selection of shoes, watches, and customs. Hopefully the buyer finds something they like and makes a purchase. At which point the seller of the item ships the item to us for authentication. Once the item is authenticated, we ship the item to the buyer.

What happens if the item is found to be inauthentic?

During the authentication process if the item is found to be inauthentic we’ll notify the buyer and issue a refund.

How much does it cost to sell on Wall Street Heat?

We noticed the other guys like to break apart the costs to make it seem like the seller is getting a great deal. Our straight forward answer is $5+9.99% of the sale. We’ll insert a fancy table below so you can see how this compares to other companies (hint its pretty great). This table is accurate as of October, 2019. We highly encourage you to look at the FAQ’s on the other websites to see how the fee structures change based on number of sales and the impact of inauthentic shoes. We understand that circumstances vary and other platforms may benefit certain users better than ours does, the information is out there so use whats best for you!

Fee Type US StockX Goat
Payment Processing or Paypal Fee None 3% 2.9%
Fixed Seller Fee $5 None $5
Basic Level Commision 9.99% 9.5% 9.5%
Total: $5+9.99% 12.5% $5+12.4%


How long does it take for sellers to get paid?

The sooner the item is shipped to us, the sooner we can authenticate the item. As soon as the item is authenticated we send out payment within two business days. Overall our goal from day of sale to payout is between 5 to 7 business days.

What additional information does Wall Street Heat need to pay the seller?

It varies depending on the volume of sales of the seller. We typically need information that includes bank routing number and account number. Additional information and requests will be made to sellers when the sign up and are verified.


Who pays for shipping?

The buyer pays for shipping. Currently shipping is only available inside the US, and is a flat rate of $13.95.

How should I package my item?

Your shoes should be in the original shoes box, and each shoe box should be packaged in a sufficently sized cardboard box with packaging paper or bubble wrap so as to not damage the item. Each item sold should be packaged separately and use the shipping label provided to ensure the processing of the item goes smoothly. Drop the package off instore at the most convienent FedEx location with in 3 business days of the sale. The sooner you ship the item to us the sooner you get paid. DO NOT: Ship items using only the shoe box, or use boxes with hazmat warnings or stickers.

Can I change my mailing address?

After the item has shipped you can not change your mailing address. If you believe your mailing address maybe incorrect please contact us as soon as possible. After the item is shipped there is nothing we can do and no refund will be issued.

Can I cancel my order as buyer?

A buyer can only cancel an order before the order has been confirmed by the seller or Wall Street Heat. Once the order is confirmed the order can not be cancled. If you believe an order was made by mistake please contact us before the order is confirmed by the seller.

Can I cancel the order as a seller?

If you must cancel an a sale of your item you may do so. However, Wall Street Heat wants to provide the best platform for buyers and sellers and cancelations are a major inconvience on everyones part. Sellers with more than one cancelation will incur a fee up to 35% of the sale price of the item.

If an item you are selling is found to be inauthentic, not matching the original listing, or in unsellable condition as deemed by us, the order will be cancelled, the buyer will recieve a refund, and you, the seller will be contacted. We will give you the option to have us ship the item back to you or have us dispose of the item. If the item is to be shipped back to you, you the seller, will be recieve an invoice for shipping charges. If you do not reply to our initial notice of the inauthetic goods, or do not pay the shipping invoice within 14 days we will dispose of the item. A fee up to 35% of the sale price of the item maybe charged to the seller if an item is found to be inauthentic, damaged, unsellable or significantly not as discribed.


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